"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

As part of our vision to provide life-transforming information that is accessible to all people, we are excited to allow communities and groups to screen Food Matters and Hungry For Change for FREE around the globe! You can register a screening for free or browse our screenings register below.




16310 Port Orchard Washington 6:30


Sustainable Cinema - Port Orchard, Washington, USA

Time: 6:30

Capacity: 90

Venue: Dragonfly Cinema

822 Bay St. Port Orchard, Washington, USA

Contact: Alex Jarrett


Phone: 360-337-7080


16347 Wakefield RI 6-8:30 PM


Hungry for Change - Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA

Time: 6-8:30 PM

Capacity: 40

Venue: The Well, LLC Cooperative

365 Main Street Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA

Contact: Rebecca


Phone: 4015330116


To start October off, being NonGMO month, as well as a number of other plant based food & nutrient awareness/special causes' month, ie) farm to school month, etc... I'd like to introduce many people in my community to the fact that FOOD MATTERS. I'd like to screen the film in accordance with two Detox Programs I offer, and with my edible schoolyard program's fall harvest of pumpkins at my son's Middle School. My hope is to show the film for a second time in early November at the Middle School, or to show some of the other FOOD MATTERS films you produce. Rebecca Briggs, hOMnaturale biz owner & Food Coop volunteer and PTA board member

Bath BANES 8.45pm


Juicy Event - Movie Night - Bath, BANES, United Kingdom

Time: 8.45pm

Capacity: 30

Venue: Funky Monkey Studio

18 St Peter's Terrace Bath, BANES, United Kingdom

Contact: Alice Milner


Phone: 07961102853


This event is for everybody, especially those who would like to improve their health and happiness! And who wouldn’t want to do that! Would you like to find out more about achieving optimum health for yourself and your family? Then please come along and join Alice at her home from home Funky Monkey Studio. Please book here as Alice will be providing some juicy treats and will need to know how many she will need to supply ;-) This is a FREE event no need to pay but please book as places are limited ;-)

Calgary Alberta 7:00 p.m.


Health Heroes Nutrition Seminar - Food Matters Screening - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Time: 7:00 p.m.

Capacity: 50

Venue: The Calgary Winter Club

4611 14th Street NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact: Kristin Dawson


Phone: 403-869-4471


A group of Wellness Professionals want to demonstrate how there are more choices out there to protect you and your family's health. We are volunteering our time to host a private screening of this remarkable film.

Grand Rapids Michigan 5:30pm - 7:00pm


Food Matters - Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Capacity: 25

Venue: Shepherds of Independence (Villa Rose Community Room)

1400 Morgan Street, N.W. Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Contact: Daniel Wagner


Phone: (616) 732-6351


September is National Cholesterol Education Month. It is also Fruits & Veggies- More Matters Month. As part of an ongoing effort to educate and improve the health and wellness of its residents, Shepherds of Independence is hosting a private screening of this documentary.

undefined Groton CT 7:00 PM


Food for Thought Program Series - Groton , Connecticut, USA

Time: 7:00 PM

Capacity: 50

Venue: Groton Public Library

52 Newtown Road Groton , Connecticut, USA

Contact: Anne Campbell


Phone: 860-441-6750


Viewing of Food Matters as part of the library's Food for Thought October program series

undefined Laurel MD 6pm-9m


"Wellness Wednesday Movie and Discussion" - Laurel, Maryland, USA

Time: 6pm-9m

Capacity: 80

Venue: Small Business CEO, Collaboration Center

8101 Sandy Spring Road, #290 Laurel, Maryland, USA

Contact: Mia Reed


Phone: 240-832-3020


This event is for everybody. If you're looking to improve your health and happiness or if you just like to find out more about achieving optimum health for yourself and your family . Please come along and join us at "Wellness Wednesday Movie and Discussion" . We are working to increase the education and knowledge about food and its effect on our health and well being. Our goal is to introduce as many people in our community to the fact that FOOD really does MATTER. Registration is required to assure setting and refreshment supply. resister at

undefined Ottawa Ontario 2pm


Community Screening in support of Whole Kids Foundation - Ottawa , Ontario, Canada

Time: 2pm

Capacity: 300

Venue: Mayfair Theatre Ottawa

1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3 Ottawa , Ontario, Canada

Contact: Tammy Whelan




A core value to Whole Foods Market is that we promote the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education. As Whole Foods Market is entering a new market in Ottawa on November 19th it is essential as part of our pre-opening community outreach to provide education around healthier living and lifestyle changes. As such we feel that hosting such a inspiring and motivating documentary such as Food Matters will bring a value add to the food scene.

undefined Warwick Queensland 1.30pm


Food Matters - Warwick, Queensland, Australia

Time: 1.30pm


Venue: Voyage Fitness Warwick

118 Palmerin St, Warwick, Queensland, Australia

Contact: Jes

Email: NA

Phone: NA

Website: Only Face Book 'Pilates Yoga Fitness with Jes'

Food Matters uncovers the secrets to helping you achieving your best health! It's an Inspiring documentary. Food Matters Screening and guest speaking is the wonderful Karen (coach/founder) of Trinity Of Health


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Get a weekly dose of wellness inspiration

  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Natural Healing News & More!