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Wellness Guides

Since launching Food Matters we have received hundreds of emails and calls from people wanting access to simple step by step guides for Detox & Weight Loss, Optimal Health & Longevity, Cancer, Heart Health, Diabetes and Mental Health. In response to this we have worked hard on developing the 'Wellness Guides' area of our website. These guides are all about providing you with simple step by step solutions to helping improve your knowledge and know how when it comes to losing weight, boosting energy and preventing and reversing chronic illness.

Detox & Weight Loss Action Plan

Weight gain and over-toxicity is on the rise and there is plenty we can do about it! This 'Detox Action Plan' sets about providing you with a step by step action plan to a healthier, toxin-free and trim self. Whether you're looking to lose a little (or a lot) weight, boost your energy levels or just after a detox these resources are a great place to start.
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Optimal Health & Longevity Action Plan

These days it's practically impossible to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without seeing some kind of evidence that eating poor-quality food can make you ill or at least below par, while eating fresh, wholesome food gives you a much better chance of staying fit and healthy. This 'Optimal Health Action Plan' will provide you with a step by step action plan to help you prevent illness, increase longevity and boost your energy levels!
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Cancer Action Plan

When you or a loved one are first diagnosed with cancer it can be a very challenging time. However it can also represent a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to learn about the healing powers of the body. This 'Cancer Action Plan' has been created to help you with a step by step approach to help you make informed decisions and discover which healing protocol is best for you.
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Heart Health Action Plan

Natural approaches to Heart Disease have been proven to work over a long period of time and have shown an incredible success rate. This 'Heart Health Action Plan' is designed to provide you access to solid information to help you make well informed decisions for your health.
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Mental Health Action Plan

Depression, Anxiety and Mental Illness conditions have been proven time and time again to show improvement using an holistic nutritional, supplement and lifestyle approach. This 'Mental Health Action Plan' has been devised to help you with a step by step guide to educating yourself about these issues and finding non-drug based solutions to long term wellness.
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Diabetes Action Plan

Diabetes is sweeping the globe in epic proportions, this is not great news. The good news is however that there is a lot you can do yourself in managing and even reversing your condition regardless of whether you are a Type 1 or 2 diabetic. This 'Diabetes Action Plan' will help you educate yourself about the best decisions you can make to improve your condition.
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Disclaimer: As movie producers and not health practitioners legally we are unable to offer any specific health advice, nor can we endorse any specific products. We are here to help guide you in the direction of those who can offer you these things and offer you a support system for healing yourself.