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Healing Clinics

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This Healing Clinics Directory helps you find an holistic healthcare clinic in your local area. In selecting the clinics for inclusion in this list we have tried to find those where the focus is healing orientated as opposed to purely pampering. Understandably we do not endorse any particular clinic listed below however we hope that this information can serve as a good starting point for finding a clinic that best suits your needs.

USA and Canada

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Gerson Institute - San Diego, California

Gerson Therapy is tailored to treat cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis using natural treatment methods such as organic foods, juicing and detoxification.

Hippocrates Health Institute - Florida

The Hippocrates Health Institute provides a tranquil haven for peace and health restoration. Guests are treated with enzyme-rich vegan food, educational classes and exercise facilities.

The Riordan Clinic - Wichita 

This is a not-for-profit, nutrition-based health facility. For 39 years, they have integrated lifestyle and nutrition to help you find the underlying causes of your illness.

An Oasis of Healing - Arizona

An Oasis of Healing offers natural options for treating cancer, whilst promoting immune strengthening and health restoration.

The Kushi Institute - Massachusetts

The Kushi Institute is an international expert authority on the macrobiotic lifestyle for health and well-being, offering residential educational programs.

Optimum Health Institute - San Diego; Austin

The Optimum Health Institute aims to rejuvenate physical, emotional and spiritual health through vegetarian raw food, juicing, lymphatic exercise, colon hydrotherapy and prayer.

The Issels Foundation - Arizona

The Issels Foundation offers alternative therapies for cancer and chronic illnesses, with the dual aim of treating disease and preventing its recurrence.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center - Arizona

Under the guidance of world-renowned health and spiritual practitioners, The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is a healing haven for a wide range of diseases. Expert teaching on raw food nutrition, spiritual growth and natural living is also available.

Rudolf Steiner Health Center
- Ann Arbor, Michigan

This program is designed for ambulatory individuals with chronic illnesses, or anyone seeking a restorative regimen. The Health Center follows the Anthroposophic medical guidelines of Austrian scientist-philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Weimar Institute - Weimar, California

The Weimer Institute offers nutrition and lifestyle guidance, imbued with a strong spiritual focus, to remedy disease.

Oxygen Life Spa - Texas

The Oxygen Life Spa offers a spiritual space for healing through the use of Ozone saunas, Chi Tables and Tesla Coil Photon Generators.

Rest Of Your Life Health Retreat - Texas

Under doctor guidance, guests may fast and detoxify in a remote country environment. Education about natural hygiene and raw-food healthy living is also provided.

Yoga Oasis - Hawaii

The Yoga Oasis offers intensive yoga and detoxification programs, with food preparation classes and nature excursions also available.

Ann Wigmore Foundation - San Fidel, New Mexico

An educational and healing retreat, the Ann Wigmore foundation prescribes live, organic vegan foods and natural detoxification methods for health and recovery.

Dr Gonzalez - New York

This clinic is headed by medical doctors who offer treatments for cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies and chronic fatigue.

The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning - Kansas

This clinic founded by Dr Hugh Riordan uses the approach of finding the cause of illness and to correct it rather than just treating the symptoms.

The Better Living Lifestyle Center - New Jersey

This clinic is run by Dr Joel Arcilla and is dedicated to helping individuals make permanent changes in their nutrition and lifestyle that will ultimately improve the quality of their lives.


New Life Retreat - Ontario, Canada

Situated on a lush organic farm, New Life Retreat has an interactive, practical approach to teaching eco-friendly and healthy living. In addition to a fresh, organic vegetarian diet, guests will benefit from meditation, relaxation, juicing, fasting and exercise in nature.

Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat - Stirling, Ontario

This natural haven provides a range of services for detoxification and health rejuvenation. Raw-juice cleansing, nutrition counselling, colon therapy, mud baths, yoga, relaxation in nature, reflexology, reiki and meditation are available in their programs.

Europe and the UK

Paracelsus Klinik - Switzerland

Paracelsus Klinik is an integrative conventional/complementary medicine clinic, treating a wide array of diseases.

Vortex Vital - Spain

Vortox Vital is a resort-style health retreat providing fasting and numerous other detoxification programs.

Detox International - Spain, Portugal

Detox International provides 7 day holistic detox retreats supported by a team of nutritionists and therapists.

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options

Australia and New Zealand

The Vita Centre - Edgecliff, New South Wales

The Vita Centre offers a holistic, integrative blend of conventional and complementary therapies for a wide range of diseases.

MINDD Foundation

Mindd Foundation trains practitioners in a biomedical and Integrative approach to Metabolic, Immunological, Neurological Digestive Developmental conditions that often effect the mind such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism. The focus is on expediting treatment during critical neuro-developmental periods to children with ADHD, Autism, Allergies, Asthma and more.

The Gawler Foundation - Yarra Junction, Victoria

This clinic has a combined orthodox and mind/body medicine approach to treating disease, utilising treatment advice from medical doctors and natural health practitioners.

Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat - Maleny, Queensland

100% organic health retreat focusing on stress, detox and fitness programs.

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options.


The Farm - Phillipines

The Farm is a lush eco-friendly resort, with medical doctors that tailor individual detoxification and healing programs. Guests are luxuriously pampered during their program.

The Spa Resorts - Thailand

This Spa Resorts provide detoxification programs, fasting, massage and reflexology in the lush comfort of resort accommodation.

Julia Jus’ Innergetic Health Rejuvenation Retreat - Bali, Indonesia

This 7-day retreat provides a comprehensive detoxification program involving raw-food cuisine, pilates, meditation, colonic irrigation, detox baths, massage, ozone therapy, nutrition/lifestyle counselling and infra-red saunas.

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options.

Central and South America

Gerson Plus Therapy - Tijuana, Mexico

Dr Dan Rogers is a trained Medical Doctor and Naturopath.  He has been treating patients using integrative medicine since the late 1970's.  Dr Rogers believes in the use of the Gerson Plus therapy which is a nutrition based form of detoxification and healing from within. 

An Oasis of Hope - Playas de Tijuana, Mexico

This is an integrative medical facility specializing in conventional and complementary cancer treatments.

Sanoviv Medical Institute - Baja California, Mexico

This is a holistic medical facility offering integrative treatments for numerous chronic or general diseases.

Health For Humanity - Ecuador

Provides information and services for QHM technology and cancer treatment.

Cascada Verde - Costa Rica

This remote eco-lodge is a natural sanctuary for the exploration of health-fulfilling activities such as yoga, raw food/vegetarian eating and self-improvement.

Pacha Mama - Costa Rica

This retreat offers numerous healing services such as yoga, detoxification, colonic irrigation, reflexology, acupuncture, nutritional consultation, meditation, spiritual teachings, juice fasting, massage and reiki.

Ann Wigmore Institute - Puerto Rico

This is an educational health retreat that practices Ann Wigmore’s methods of detoxification and raw-food health restoration.

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options.

The Middle East 

Sorry! We don't have any resources for this region yet. However, if you can help us find some please contact us: enquiries[at]

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options.


Detox International - South Africa

Detox International provides 7 day holistic detox retreats supported by a team of nutritionists and therapists.

A valuable resource for investigating natural therapy clinics worldwide and considering treatment options.


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