Vitamin Water - The Great Deception (VIDEO)

In this video report from Mike Adams of NaturalNews you'll discover:

  • Why Vitamin Water is mostly just "sugar water."
  • Why the vitamins used in Vitamin Water are really just synthetic chemicals.
  • How Coca-Cola altered the serving size of the beverage, making the sugar content appear to be less than what it really is.
  • Why Vitamin Water advertising and marketing is misleading.
  • The shocking truth of how even Coca-Cola's own attorneys publicly admitted that Vitamin Water is not a "healthy beverage." (
  • Why one health group calls Vitamin Water "non-carbonated soda" and claim it contributes to weight gain, diabetes, obesity and other diseases.
  • What to drink that's far better for you than Vitamin Water.
  • Why the fruit flavor varieties of Vitamin Water contain no actual fruit.
  • The truth of how Vitamin Water uses the cheap synthetic form of Vitamin B12 - Cyanocobalamin, which contains cyanide molecules.
  • Why Vitamin Water is dead, processed food that has been pasteurized.


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