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    • The Oprah Winfrey Vegan Challenge (Video)

      If you are thinking about going vegan, or you have considered it before than you might like to watch this! In effort to discover the benefits of a vegan diet personally, Oprah Winfrey and 378 of her loyal staffers decide to take on a seven-day vegan diet challenge!


      Icy Coconut & Chia Drink (Recipe)

      Such a simple and refreshing combination! Quick to make, but still a nice list of benefits to nourish your body! This recipe uses the whole coconut so you can really soak up the health benefits from "The Tree Of Life"


      Funny Friday: What Would Happen If Animals Ate Fast Food? (Video)

      In a world where we are continuing to face issues with obesity, it is still important to remain positive and have a laugh! Happy Friday!


      Make Any Meal Taste Great With This Recipe!

      Dressings and sauces can be full of a lot of hidden nasties that your body will not enjoy! This recipe is so simple to make and full of nourishing ingredients to give your meal a boost!


      Red Light, Green Light: Should Food Labels Be Like Traffic Lights?

      We have traffic lights to tell us when it’s safe to cross the road; should the same be true for shopping in the supermarket? We all know that some of those aisles can be the most treacherous paths, like Death Road in Bolivia! So the question is, are traffic light nutrition labels the solution?


      The 7 Health Benefits Of Oil Pulling

      Curious about the benefits of oil pulling? It's a natural health process which brings with it a whole host of positive effects! The question isn’t ‘why should you be oil pulling?’ but rather, ‘why aren’t you?’


      3-Ingredient Raw Chocolate (Recipe)

      Who needs an excuse to eat chocolate? Especially when you can make a big batch of chocolatey goodness with just three of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients. It’s the perfect combination without all the processed nasties!


      15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat (Video)

      You might think some of this is gross, but it's the facts. These are the secrets the food processing industry doesn't want you to know!


      Carrot, Date, Apple & Spice Muffins (Recipe)

      This delicious muffin recipe is free from refined sugar and is a much healthier alternative than standard sweet muffins. The apple and dates offer a hint of sweetness and the almond meal gives texture and nuttiness.


      Funny Friday: Someone Loves Cabbage! (Video)

      Is that a rabbit dog? ;-) Most people have trouble getting their children to eat cabbage.... These people have to hide theirs so this cheeky little thing doesn't steal all of their vegetables!


      The 6 Greatest Cholesterol Myths Debunked

      With many confused by the healthy fats versus cholesterol debate, it is time to lift the lid on the myths that could be harming your health.


      These Girls Are Making A Change! (Giveaway & Recipe)

      Inspired by one our favorite films, Finding Joe, the Merrymaker Sisters are on a path to embrace every moment in life and educating their community to do the same. These two sisters have a lot of inspirational diet, lifestyle and recipe tips to share, including 6 amazing e-book bundles to GIVEAWAY!


      Sweet Potato Fries With Coconut & Cinnamon

      Your go-to recipe when you want something warming, indulgent and decadent. Unlike the fries these are baked and 100% good for you!


      Quinoa Bircher (Recipe)

      The perfect breakfast recipe to prep and have in the fridge on those busy mornings!


      Perfect Weekday Lunch: Veggie Rice Bowl (Recipe)

      Vegan and gluten-free! A dish that fits in perfectly with any time of the year!


      Funny Friday: Organic And I Know It! (Video)

      You already know how much we love organics, but The Whole Food Dude takes it to a whole new level and we LOVE IT!


      Be The First In The World To Watch The Real 'Hunger Games'

      Who is going hungry in today’s modern age? Tune in today to watch the official world premiere of ‘Hunger in America’ and discover the new face of hunger and how we can help.


      Congratulations To Our Giveaway Winners!

      We had so much fun celebrating this amazing milestone with each and every one of you with our biggest giveaway so far! There were 7 amazing prize packs up for grabs. Check out if you were one of our lucky winners…


      Have You Seen The NEW Food Matters Website?

      We've been busy behind the scenes, making some changes to our Food Matters Website! Looking fresh and bring you even more exciting articles, recipes, videos & more!


      8 Reasons To Eat Blueberries and Why You Should Freeze Them!

      Just when you thought that the health benefits of blueberries couldn't be any more plentiful, new research has found that freezing the superfood actually increases the berry's nutritional content! Discover why & 8 reasons why you should have them daily!


      Our Secret Tips For A Healthy Vacation!

      Staying healthy while traveling might seem like hard work, but not with my stash of secret tips! In the second of a two-part series, here’s how to feel great on your vacation with ease.


      How To Travel & Stay Healthy – It’s Easier Than You Think!

      Staying healthy while traveling might seem like hard work, but not with my stash of secret tips! In the first of a two-part feature, here’s how to feel great on your vacation with ease.


      What Do Robin Williams, Frank Ferrante & My Dad Have In Common?

      The recent death of Robin Williams has left us in shock, raising the all-important questions of the cause of depression and how best to combat it.


      3 Juice Recipes Freshly Pressed With Love

      There’s no comparison between processed store-bought juice and juice that’s freshly squeezed with love. Our friends at Pressed Juicery would certainly agree! They have been kind enough to share 3 of our menu favorite recipes with you in celebration of their new recipe book “Juice”.


      7 Tricks To Eat Healthy All Week

      Time. We are all time-poor and too often associate healthy eating with more time (that we don't have). It doesn't have to be like this for you, discover 7 tricks to keep your food cleansing, restorative, fun & time-friendly!


      Can Green Smoothies Transform Your Life?

      Do you love green smoothies as much as we do? Then you'll love this film! Green smoothies are power packs of liquid gold, and this film sets out to prove just how good a smoothie a day can be for your health. The outcome is extraordinary!


      A Supercharged Journey To Cure Autoimmune Disease

      Soon after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia, Lee Holmes decided to take her health into her own hands. Discover how she did it, and where her path to wellness has led her.


      Guess What's Coming To Vending Machines In The UK!

      Discover what natural food product deemed 'illegal' in the US is making its way into vending machines across the UK. It's proof of how we have the power to change the systems! You're in for a positive surprise


      10 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Gut & How To Heal It!

      How your body thrives is dependent on your digestive health. When your gut is unhealthy you might start experiencing some tell tale signs. Discover 10 signs that your gateway to health is impaired and how you can restore its function.


      3 Common Ways Nutrients Are Being Destroyed In Your Food...

      You buy organic, you shop locally, but what you might not realize is that you are doing 3 things that are destroying nutrients in your foods… Discover the top 3 culprits that are stealing your nutrients!


      Discover How This Girl Overcame Her Eating Disorder (Inspirational!)

      We found this young girl's story inspiring, along with thousands of other people who now turn to Lin to channel in on her nourishing & inspiring experience daily! Learn how she overcame her eating disorder and how you can rediscover your relationship with food!


      3 DIY Body Love Recipes

      We all know how important it is to nourish our body, and sometimes we forget about our bodies largest organ... the skin! Minutes to make, money-saving, body-loving recipes!


      5 Ways To Unclog The Pipes Naturally...

      The world is backed up, and so much so that a bowel movement every few days is deemed normal. A number of things contribute to this, not allowing us to go at least once a day! Before you reach for over-the-counter solutions, give these 5 natural methods a go!


      Your Gut And Immune System Connection (Recipe & Giveaway)

      Did you know that approximately 70-80% of your immune tissue is located within your digestive system? Find out more and a mouth-watering immune boosting recipe PLUS we’re giving away 5 awesome ebooks for FREE!


      I'm Coming To The UK Next Week! (2 Days Only!)

      If you're in the UK or know any friends that live there, come and say hi! I'm going to be there for 2 nights only. London & Liverpool, July 22nd and 23rd. Both events are FREE. See you there!


      Read How One Man is Changing Hunger in America...

      What started out as a personal discovery of how to change their own lives through 2 inspiring documentaries, has flourished to become a whirlwind journey to take on poverty and obesity in America.


      Shaking Up The Salt Debate!

      A mineral that has received a lot of bad press, salt is actually fundamental to our health. Ironic, isn’t it? So why are we led to believe salt is bad? I am blowing the lid on the salt debate.


      1 Spice vs 14 Drugs! (Who Wins?)

      One of the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today! Its medicinal properties and components have been the subject of over 5600 studies! Discover which spice has been confirmed to as effective as 14 drugs.


      4 Maps That Sum Up Food In America

      The future of the nations will depend on the manner of how they feed themselves! A true and complicated statement. Fast food is everywhere, farmer’s markets are spreading. Foodies have more power and McDonald’s has never had more locations. Discover 4 maps that sum up our food supply in America!


      Celebrate International Raw Food Day this Friday (2 Recipes)

      This Friday, July 11, is International Raw Food Day! We're celebrating with one of our all-time favorite raw food recipes, plus this delicious raw chocolate number! Give some raw food recipes a go and feel the difference, see the difference and live the difference!


      3 Simple & Healthy 4th Of July Recipes

      Most of you are probably getting set for Independence Day celebrations! You can still have a ton of delicious fun with these simple and healthy dessert recipes this 4th of July!


      7 Tips For Fun In The Sun!

      When it comes to sun exposure and protection, there are a lot of questions to answer! Don’t let your soul-warming love affair with the sun be ruined by sunscreens. Discover the do’s and don’ts of sun protection and have a smart summer!


      Can Natural Healing Reverse MS?

      Life has a way of interrupting our plans. Most of us get knocked off our chosen paths at some point. It’s what we do in such moments that determine our fate. This man’s remarkable journey to reverse MS will inspire you to live a vibrant life!


      The Greatest Health Rediscovery Of All Time!

      The story of one of the most significant health rediscoveries of all time, this is a movie not to be missed! This will change your life, or at the very least change your perspective.


      Breaking News: FDA Lifts Ban On Burzynski

      The Burzynski documentary exposed the incestuous relationship between the FDA & the Big Pharma. Now Dr. Burzynski has won one of the largest and possibly the most convoluted legal battles against the FDA in American history!


      7 Habits of Highly Effective Plant-Eaters

      One of the best things you can do for yourself to look and feel better is to eat more plants! Stay inspired and follow these tips and you'll start feeling, looking and living your best life!


      Raw Chocolate Chia Energy Bars (Recipe)

      The humble chia seed is a wonderful source of protein & helps build beautiful hair, skin, nails. With the added benefits of raw cacao, these raw chocolate chia bars will give you a much needed boost of energy!


      Top 5 Sources of Plant Protein

      Good quality sources of protein are widely available and many of them come from outside the animal kingdom. Discover 5 of the top plant-kingdom protein and the additional benefits they bestow.


      4 Funny Reasons People Hate Juicing

      We all know how amazing green juice is for our health. It’s a big part of what we talk about in Food Matters and Hungry For Change; it’s nature’s liquid multi-vitamin. But I bet we can all agree on some of the funny reasons people just can’t stand juicing! Luckily there are solutions.


      This Is Central To Your Wellbeing

      Your thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body, essential for hormone production. It is often overlooked in ensuring our body is thriving. Discover how you to improve your overall wellbeing through the thyroid, you’ll be happier, glowing & even lose weight!



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